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Scott t. Wilson, Ph.D. | Consulting and clinical psychology

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Scott T. Wilson, Ph.D.


Dr. Wilson is a clinical psychologist in private practice and an adjunct faculty member at Teachers College - Columbia University in New York City. He received his doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University and completed an internship at North Central Bronx Hospital.  He also completed a post-doctoral research fellowship in Psychiatric Genetics and has received post-doctoral training in Transference-Focused Psychotherapy, a structured psychodynamic treatment approach for personality disorders and identity issues.

During his career, Dr. Wilson has worked as a clinician, researcher, and a media and marketing consultant. His expertise lies in the study of personality, personality traits, and personality pathology, and the application of the personality trait theory to a wide range of problems.

In addition to his clinical work, he also has a long-standing interest in finance and in the financial markets, and how personality traits influence investor behavior and decision-making on money related matters.  Along with his licensure in clinical psychology, Dr. Wilson also holds a Series 65 certificate from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.